Stirling Rock provides technical and tactical solutions for Special Operations Forces, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies, in support of worldwide missions utilizing a full spectrum of enhanced operational training and equipment.


Selected for their extensive Special Operations experience, our staff is comprised of past operators from US Special Forces, UK Special Reconnaissance Regiment, UK Special Boat Service and UK Special Air Service. 


We will provide what the customer desires at the best possible price.  We understand that our commitment does not end after training or after a piece of equipment is purchased.  Outstanding customer service is the foundation of Stirling Rock.



Stirling Rock has the ability to provide the highest quality of operationally relevant training, equipment, consulting and curriculum development. 


Below are some examples of areas where Stirling Rock employees have extensive knowledge and the management team of Stirling Rock also has the ability to leverage many other Subject Matter Experts when other requirements arise.

  • Physical and Technical Surveillance

  • Photography

  • Exploitation

  • Weapons Training

  • Communications (covert/overt)

  • Methods of Entry

  • Close Target Reconnaissance

  • Human Network Development

  • Sensitive Site Exploitation

  • Driving Skills

  • Combatives

  • Mobility